December 8

Covid Stages


December 8, 2021

COVID-19 Stage 1 – Full service while being aware of health and safety.

We remain open for business as usual. You will see increased diligence of our Volunteer Family Support Workers (VFSW) and staff in maintaining hygiene and social distancing measures.

Contact with consumers is currently face to face with COVID safety measures, with the option of phone and/or video contact.

                COVID Safety Measures Include: Social distancing, personal hand sanitisers and phone/video contact if either the consumer, their children or the VFSW have cold/flu symptoms.

COVID-19 Stage 2 – Modified service with focus on health, safety and  continued service provision

We remain open for business, but with modified access. Limited face to face contact with consumers and increased reliance on phone/video support.

                COVID Safety Measures Include: Preferencing phone/video support technology with exceptions to be made in consultation with the Program Manager. Strict adherence to social distancing and sanitising hygiene where face to face is required. Face to face will need to be in a public

space or outdoors weather permitting.  Non consumer meetings will be conducted using phone/video technology.

COVID-19 Stage 3 –  Service provision occurs through phone/video support.

All service provision will be conducted utilising phone and video support technologies. No face to face contact with consumers will occur. All members of the organisation will work remotely from their place of residence. All non consumer related business will be conducted via phone/video support.

COVID-19 Stage 4 – Modified service provision

Due to the demand on information technology, availability  of VFSW’s services may need to be modified to meet demand. All service provision will occur through phone/video support.

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